Rapid Response Units

ESI Rapid Response Units are an advanced economical solution to today’s high vehicle operating costs. Transferable caps that will outlast 2-3 trucks and our engineered plug-and-play design, ESI Rapid Response Units offer a rare opportunity to reduce operating costs and enhance your capabilities.

Body Styles and Sizes

Body Sizes
RRU 644
RRU 844
RRU 654
RRU 854
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Why Rapid Response Units


The body-insert never touches the pickup bed except where the patented, four corner clamps secure under the bed sill. Designed to be transferred from truck to truck with no need to replace the cap when it's time to replace the truck. The expected lifespan of the RRU body is 15 to 25 years, exceeding the life of 2, sometimes 3 pickup trucks. Once you’re finished with the pickup as a response unit, the user can slide the RRU body off and transfer it to another truck OR reuse the untouched pickup bed for utility purposes, making the RRU fit almost anywhere in a fleet.


All wiring (Lighting, Radios, Monitors, HVAC Units, etc.) are neatly contained in our custom built PDC boards (Power Distribution Center) mounted inside the body allowing the bodies to transfer with ease. The PDC board is connected to the truck with one single wiring harness, giving you the ability to simply "unplug" the Cap and transfer it to the next one, quickly and easily.


ESI Rapid Response Units (RRU) are designed to serve the emergency services market as a small & inexpensive first-due apparatus, offering an advanced economical solution to today’s high vehicle operating costs. These units introduce a more efficient and economical way of handling about 80 percent of regular calls. Smaller rescue vehicles are filling the need for many departments where a larger truck is above budget restraints and staffing requirements. RRUs offer a rare opportunity to reduce operating costs while enhance your capabilities.


ESI Rapid Response Units are purpose-built to reduce your operating costs while increasing the versatility of your fleet. Fully Enclosed to ensure maximum protection from the elements, made with lightweight fiberglass to maximize fuel efficiency, available cutting edge automation - featuring power rear slide-outs, controlled decent side slide-outs, and a sophisticated roof actuator- and so much more. Our customers tell us because of the transferability of our units they have a lower cost of ownership & better response times while increasing the versatility of their fleet.


ESI Designs, fabricates, and installs equipment & accessories to maximize performance and deployment efficiency through our well thought out and proven, mission-built features such as heated/air-conditioned cabinet for IV’s & medications, pump/foam combabilities, LED enhanced rear-back up system, keyless remote entry, accountability software, a command platforms w/ whiteboards and monitor mounts, USSC seating, portable CAFs, K9 accommodations, and various/endless other detail-oriented equipment compartments.


ESI Apparatus Division's Rapid Response Units consist of a fit and finish that make them very easy to decontaminate - a very important feature for a Response Vehicle in todays world.