Mission Built:

A wide range of missions such as Firefighting, Medica, Command, Hazmat, Parking Garages, Special Events, Search and Rescue, Urban Response and Forestry can be successfully achieved because of the XRU’s design features.  The XRU can carry fire, medical and rescue support equipment for your response needs, whether maneuvering through rough terrain, accessing hard to reach locations, tight urban environments or navigating through large crowds.  



  • L/W/H 159″/72″/68″
  • Wheel Base 120″
  • Ground Clearance 17″
  • Curb Weight 2,700 lbs.
  • Hybrid Curb Weight 3,100 lbs.

Payload 2,700 lbs.

Hybrid Payload 2,300 lbs.

Towing Capacity 2,700 lbs.

Cargo Box W/L Rear 69″/70″ Front 38.5″/34″


TX3 Gas Engine: 

1.5L., 4-Cylinder, 16 valve, 107HP, 80lbs Torque, Fluid Liquid-Cooled.

4×4 -On-The Fly 2WD/4WD Engagement

High/Low/Reverse, Differential w/Pneumatic Locker (rear/front)

Four-Wheel Independent Suspension (Fox Shocks)

17″ Ground Clearance

14″ Front Travel

13.5″ Rear Travel

Rear Load Compensators



Canopy for TX3

Windshield including wipers, washer and rear view mirror.

Front Bumper & Winch – One piece tube bumper with 10,000 lbs. Warren Winch.

Power steering

Front bumper and winch

Half Doors

7-gallon second fuel tank with tank selector switch

Tow Hitch

Warning light package: Whelen remote siren/speaker W/HH microphone and power control center

Scene and cab Lighting:  1 rear facing backup/scene LED lights. 

1 Cab Light 

Tow Hitch: Tow Hitch for reach receiver.


Wide Cargo Box

Custom Fender Paint: Includes hood, fenders, and rear shield.

(2) PRP Seats: PRP suspension Racing seats.

CET Fire Pump 

150 Gallon Water/5 Gallon Foam Poly Tank, Scotty A&B Foam System Honda GX200 Electric Start Motor, CET Dual Stage Pump, 35 gpm @ 125 PSI Manifold Outlet (1″ Fill, 1″ Outlet, 1.5″ Outlet), Direct tank fill, 1.5″ Suction Hannay Electric Rewind 50′ 1″ Reel, Crosslay for 100′ 1″ to 1.75″ Hose Line.

Warning Light Package TOMCAR 35″ TRT-DW2-1 and (3) 15″ TRT-DW2-1 on plate mounted to roof.

Scene and Cab Lighting

Rear facing backup/scene LED Lights – (2) Maxxima M20386WCL 6×1.5 on Rear Cover

Cab Lighting: (1) Maxxima M8443RW dual Red/White Dome LED Ceiling Mounted

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